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Point de Paris Cognac Richelieu (Oxford)

Actual picture of my pair before they were mailed to me

Point de Paris: Four friends, one ambition: creating shoes for shoe-enthusiasts.

The first time I heard of Point de Paris (the name name of the measurement unit used by French bespoke shoemakers: the "Point de Paris".) was in a review by Justin Fitzpatrick in May 2020 that you can read here.

Point de Paris is the story of 4 friends who are shoe-aficionados and that decided to create their own shoe line. They started by posting pictures on Instagram in May 2019 something I missed at the time and then went on to creating a website here.

Based on their "Audace" last, a sleek last with a chiseled toe and sharp edges, this oxford is built in France, is Goodyear welted with a closed channel with a nicely beveled waist and using leathers from the French Tanneries Du Puy. Constructed with long leather heel counters and wooden shanks much of which is found only in Bespoke shoes.

After browsing their newly created website I decided to contact Charlie, one of the co-founders, and we had a chat about their Oxford model (richelieu in French) and the different colours (patinas) available. I finally settled on a Cognac version as I already have way too many darker shoes so I thought this would make a change to my "collection". Although the price point was relatively high (currently priced at EUR 840 + EUR 30 for delivery in the EU or EUR 50 for delivery worldwide) based on the construction and the lasted shoetrees I was ready to jump in!

A few weeks after placing the order, I received some pictures fro Charlie and 2 weeks later my shoes were delivered to my doorstep in a a lovely wooden box (pictured at the top of the page) with extra laces and some polish. A very nice gesture.

I was impressed with the construction, sleek last and the lovely Cognac patina. From a sizing perspective, together with Charlie, we decided to size up half-a-size and chose a 44.5 EU which corresponds to approx 9.5 UK in Carmina for example.

The last is tight but after a few wears it formed nicely to my foot and the wear was most comfortable.

More specifications are available here.

Point de Paris have two models currently, the Oxford above (in 5 colours) and a beautiful wholecut (below) also available in 5 colours.

Point de Paris wholecut (Escarpin)

Try them out !!

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