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About Norman Vilalta

Norman Vilalta's shoemaking apprenticeship began in Florence under the tutelage of various master shoemakers. He soon found that searching for perfection of technique was not enough. 

He learned what bespoke meant for him, and understood that there had to be another kind of perfection to pursue. He has learned the art of capturing the personality of his clients, in order to create unique shoes that express who they are. There are no limits, and he sometimes gets to build entire personal shoe collections for his clients. Why ready-to-wear? He approaches ready-to-wear in the same spirit as for his bespoke practice.


You can find Norman Vilalta‘s atelier at Carrer Enric Granados 5, Barcelona.

Phone: +34 933 234 014 (main line)

They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The video interview below by World of Shoes in July 2016 is gives a good insight on the philosophy of Norman Vilalta

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